Port Maitland
Nova Scotia

Port Maitland can proudly boast in having some of the finest beaches on the South West coast of Nova Scotia and a wharf to compliment the view. The history of this village goes back to 1869 when it was originally named Green Cove. At one time Port Maitland even had its own shipyard. For many years farming and fishing were thriving industries as was tourism, however times change and the village has taken on a more sedentry role. I have managed to obtain a number of hard to find images for yester years Port Maitland which you may find of interest (See above link). In addition you can find more historical information on Port Maitland from the Yarmouth County Tourist Association website here.

Inscribed: In memory of PORT MAITLAND and GAMEBRIDGE CAMPS 1926 made in USA
This image is believed to be a cream bottle cap and may have possibly originated from Port Maitland Nova Scotia dating back to the early 1900's. The Port Maitland 'On the Ground' Historical Association in Ontario are keen to find out its history and may be you can help?. If so it would be appreciated if you could share this information before it is lost in time!....you can email here. Thank you.

NB.......I have created this website for the attraction Port Maitland holds for me, and to enable you to enjoy viewing Port Maitland (Nova Scotia) on the world wide web...I hope to evolve this site over time and gather more information and images for you to view. Should you wish to comment you can always email me at info@portmaitland.net In the meantime I hope you enjoy discovering more about Port Maitland and may even one day visit!

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