Port Maitland
Nova Scotia


Beaver River is a small neighbouring village just north of Port Maitland and like Port Maitland has a history that has been seen just as a name on a map. Recently I have received some very interesting information and images about Beaver River of time gone by, and wish to thank Keith Perry of Beaver River for sharing this with me....this has inspired me to extend this website to include Beaver River. In addition, I wish to reference to the compilers of a book published back in 1985 called 'Historical Trails' from which information will be used for this section. An interesting comment was made in the Preface of the book which stated...Quote ' The knowledge of our historical heritage becomes fainter with each passing generation' . Unquote. I hope this addition is seen towards supporting that preservation, and furthermore to a broader world wide audience!


The following images are of the beach side of Beaver River and portray a tranquilty which is also indicative of Port Maitland.. Images on this page courtesy of Keith Perry.....see below for more information on yesteryear Beaver River......

Beaver River

Beaver River this image taken showing some of the wild flowers that grow nearby the coast with Cape Saint Marys in the far distance.

Beaver River

A beach view from Beaver River Port Maitland beach can be seen on this bright and sunny day in the distance

Beaver River

This image whilst showing solitude was once part of a ship building wharf. There is very little left of this once thriving industry!

Beaver River

Almost on the beach! the coast can see some rough weather at times....a pebble beach on your doorstep and a home for some hardy Maritimer(s) in Beaver River!

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